I am a founding member of Blind Melon and I am available for studio work, remote studio work, and touring.

Blind Melon has played and recorded since 1990, releasing four studio albums, several "greatest hits" type collections as well as appearing on numerous television shows, movie soundtracks, and tribute albums, etc.

Blind Melon is still a functioning entity. Travis Warren, our current vocalist, has been with us since 2007; however, we are only playing the occasional show and currently have no plans to record full length CD's. 

With the exception of a handful of songs, all Blind Melon material was written collaboratively in the practice room. I have well over 20 years of experience standing in a room with two or three other guys shaping and tweaking arrangements, grooves, and feels.  I also introduced and placed the odd time signatures that are sprinkled throughout the Blind Melon catalogue in such songs as Paper Scratcher, Dear Ol' Dad, Soak The Sin, The Duke, 2x4, Wilt, and several others.

 I am comfortable playing live and in the studio with or without a click track as well as overdubbing drum parts to existing tracks played with or without a click (I overdubbed on No Rain without a click). I can also record the initial track for a song by myself if there is a situation where the other players want or need to track later. For instance, on the Schoolhouse Rock tribute album, our bassist sang a guide vocal while I recorded the drums you hear on 3 Is A Magic Number without a click, then everyone else overdubbed.


 I am prepared to join, or work for an established group that needs a primary drummer or is interested in adding a second drummer to expand their sound. I have had a lot of experience playing in a two drummer situation, and the polyrhythmic possibilities of playing with another drummer come quite easily to me. I would love to explore expanding an existing band's sound without turning it into a drum orchestra or by simply having two guys playing in unison.


Although I listen to a lot of jazz, I am not a jazz drummer and I do not read music. I fall more into the Maddogs and Englishmen, Allman Brothers, late sixties-early seventies world of drumming - Jim Gordon and Hal Blaine are two of my favorite drummers. I was in many bands before Blind Melon and have played everything from free jazz to the Louvin Brothers. My main strength as a drummer has always been my ability to comfortably step into a variety of musical situations and improvise.

I am available for recording and touring.

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