These drawings were used by Blind Melon in the 90's as t-shirt designs, a backdrop for live shows, and many other merch items. They are colored pencil and marker designs created in '91 and '92. I have many other t-shirt designs as well as quite a few that did not make the cut back then. All of these will be available for sale as prints in the coming months. I also have the original album cover artwork for two different designs with working titles for what became the Soup record which I will be posting soon.

These prints are 8.5"x11", the same size as the original artwork, and come with an 11"x14" acid free black mat and backing ready to frame. The first four are in editions of 25 and are signed and numbered. All four are remarqued prints with a small drawing in the bottom margin.


I began painting in 2003 on butcher paper but quickly changed to the card stock used by tobacco companies in making cigarette cartons. Living in North Carolina I have access to many cigarette packaging warehouses who give away the end rolls (the last 200 to 300 feet) from the 10,000 foot rolls of cigarette carton card stock.

I use india ink, acrylic, and tempera paint. Most of my paintings are roughly 3'x5', with a few as large as 3'x8'. The images are first "drawn" on the (lets call it canvas) with india ink with no forethought whatsoever and whatever happens, happens. You may have noticed that I like faces.

I will be adding one or two new images monthly as well as rotating out some of the current listings.

Under the right circumstances I will consider selling the full sized original paintings - I will also consider commissions for full sized paintings and we can discuss the details here.

Print size examples: (colors will match thumbs in store listings)




Below is an example of a recent commission. The buyer wanted a painting in the form of a show poster from the Louisville show in August, 2013. I took the mermaid image (available as a print), enlarged it, changed the coloring, and added text relating to the concert and ended up with what you see below.

I can reproduce (repaint - we are not talking about prints here) any of the images on my site in any size either as a show poster or a simple enlargement. I do not do portraits. Contact me for details.